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Founded in May 2014, Prof Muhaya Eye & LASIK Centre is the destination that provide personalized care for every patients. We are committed to facilitate the journey of enhancing your vision physically, spiritually and emotionally. Our dedicated staff and experienced consultant ophthalmologist welcome you to walk you through the new experience in life.

We provide a wide range of services from comprehensive eye assessment to refractive surgery, and we started to provide vitreoretinal surgeries in March 2017. As recommended by the American Association of Ophthalmology (AAO), annual eye check-up is advisable for citizens above 40 years old.

Therefore, one of the core services is to offer easy accessibility for anyone to have a comprehensive eye examination and consultation by renowned consultant ophthalmologists in our centre.

Our comprehensive eye assessment entails evaluation by varieties of instruments from the anterior segment to the posterior segment of the eye.


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We also encourage patients to come to our centre as a family. We provide services for the young family members who are suitable for refractive surgery and the elder members to have their comprehensive eye assessment as a first step for further suitable treatment.

What about the one that may cause vision loss? World Health Organization (WHO) stated that uncorrected refractive error is the number one cause of visual impairment globally. Eighty percent of all global visual impairment is preventable and this is our biggest concern. Our range of services are here to serve the problems. You have options; to live with it for a lifetime or eliminate the hassle by treating it. Our modern technology in refractive surgeries are the solutions for you. Do see the cure in another angle by considering our alternative treatments should you not be able to proceed with your opted treatment due to clinical reasons. We are here to cater for your needs.

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